luni, 14 martie 2016

Where do I get my Crafting tools and Paper supply?

This is a question I constantly get asked on youtube. I would love to reply with a link and say “HERE! This is where I get my tools! ^_^”
But truth is, I get things from all over the place, if I go to a shop – any shop – like a mad woman I riffle through craft supply sections.
I buy most of my stuff from amazon . To be more easy for you I'm gonna post some off them here (click to see them)

Best Crafting Machines & Tools
Click HERE or on the photo )

Cardstock, Paper & Design paper
Click HERE or on the photo )

Crafting Supplies
Click HERE or on the photo )

My Youtube Filming kit!
Click HERE or on the photo )

Note: these product links are affiliate links, which means I might earn a tiny bit of cash if you add them in your cart today and end up buying them later.

Hopefully that has answered the question of where I get my crafting tools and suppplies from! 😀
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