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DIY Crafts - Scrapbooking Tutorial - How to Make a Mini Album ( Accordion )

Learn how to make this cute mini album - Step by step Tutorial
I did this album for my husband, I wanted to give him something special, something unique :)
In this step by step tutorial you will learn how to make this Photo Album that you can give it like a gift for Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays etc. With this handmade Album you can prove to your loved ones that you care about them & you are willing to create special gifts and not just buy them. Remember, without love we are lost ! :) 
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Step 1: Watch the Video!

For some people it's easier to watch a video than following step by step photos.
So if you are one of them I hope that this video will help you !

Step 2: Gather Your Tools & Supplies!

I participate in affiliate programs like amazon.com and others. That means I receive a commission when products are purchased through links here in this Instructable. (At NO additional cost to you.) Please know I will never share or even review a product that I would not personally recommend or that I do not personally like.

Step 3: Making the Cover ( Dimensions )

To make the cover you will need:

Step 4: Making the Cover ( Sign and Score )

  • Sign the black card stock on both sides.
  • Unite the points.
  • Score along the lines.
  • Fold it.
  • Stick 3 magnets on the edge of the short side.
  • Attach the other 3 magnets on top of the first ones.
  • Fold the cover same as i did and let the second set of magnets to stick by themselves on the big rectangle.

Step 5: Making the Cover ( Decorating It )

  • Using a glue snail, stick the red card stock on top of the black base.
  • Then stick the decorative paper on top of the red rectangles.
  • Do the same on both sides.
  • Now take the small black rectangle and with a border puncher, create a decorative strip.
  • With glue dots, stick the strip onto the outside part of the cover.
  • Add also a piece of ribbon on top of the decorative strip.

Step 6: Making the Envelopes Using the Cricut Explore 2 - ( Optional )

  • Open the Cricut machine & software.
  • In your work space design a 9" X 6" rectangle.
  • Create 2 vertical scoring lines at 2"1/4 and 6"1/2.
  • Also create one horizontal scoring line at 5"3/4.
  • Insert an A4 red card in your machine and press start.
  • Let the machine do your work :)
  • Take your piece of card and fold it along the lines.

Step 7: Making the Envelopes by Hand :)

  • Take a 9" x 6" piece of red card and score it at 2" 1/4 and 6" 1/2.
  • Turn the card and score it at 1/4 on the long side.
  • Fold along the lines.
  • With a scissor, cut the small rectangles as i did.
  • Using adhesive tape, stick it all together.
  • Mark the middle of your envelope and with a circle puncher, cut a small hole.
  • Repeat the process until you will have 6 envelopes.

Step 8: Sticking the Envelopes on the Cover

  • Put a strip of adhesive tape on the middle of each envelope.
  • Stick the one on top of an other, like an accordion.
  • Add adhesive tape on the middle of the big rectangles of the cover same as I did.
  • Then stick the envelopes on the cover.

Step 9: Making the Tags ( Dimensions )

To make the tags you will need:
  • Black card stock
  • Decorative paper
  • Embellishments

Step 10: Making the Tags ( Decorating Them )

  • With a glue snail, stick the decorative paper on the black base.
  • You can also add embellishments on the decorative paper.
  • Print 6 pictures.
  • Using photo corners, stick the pictures on the other side of the tag.

Step 11: Finishing the Album

  • Put the tags inside the envelopes.
  • Using glue dots, add a butterfly button on the ribbon strip.
That's it! You just learned how to make an accordion mini album :)

Step 12: More Project Videos!

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Write me your comments about this project on my Youtube video(comments section)!

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